How To Lower Center Console Chevy Silverado?

The replacement of the Chevy Silverado’s center console is easier than it appears. All you need to do is follow the detailed instructions listed below.

Unplug the power supply and the wiring harness, which can be found in the rear of the center console, to begin Step 1.

Unscrew the three screws found at the console’s base in Step 2.

Step 3 is to remove the floor shifter, which is typically secured by two screws.

Remove the trim pieces from the sides of the console using a flathead screwdriver.

Following this, remove the glove box, which is typically held in place by two screws.

Step 6 now involves removing the jump seat from the console’s base.

After removing the jump seat, the seventh step is to remove the lower dash trim.

This is the most important phase, which involves exchanging the central console. To accomplish this, you must loosen the two screws on either side of the console.

Once the screws are removed, the console may be easily lifted and removed.

10th Step: Finally, install the new center console by reversing the steps you took to remove the old console.

That is all! As simple as that, you can replace the center console in your Chevrolet Silverado. Therefore, if you adhere to the aforementioned procedures, you will be able to lower the center console of your Chevy Silverado in no time.


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