How to Get a Spare Tire Down Without the Tool?

Do you know that you can get the spare tire down without the tool?

Many are times when people go on road trips or just decide to drive in and around their neighborhoods.  When you decide to do this, it is important to carry a functional spare tire with you. Why? People get stuck in pretty bad situations that just require a spare tire. You may never plan on using it, but since you can never predict when you are going to need it, it is good to carry it along.

Should you get stuck and need your spare tire, you must also be able to get it down from beneath your vehicle. Your car could have come with a specialized tool for doing this. However, as every other human being is prone to forgetfulness, you may forget it somewhere, misplace it or it can get lost. 

This should not worry you because the tire can still be brought down without the tool and you could be back to driving within no time. And there are several ways of doing this. Before looking at them, however, it is important to understand why driving on a flat tire is not okay.

Driving on a Flat Tire

While there are other causes of road accidents such as drunk driving, poor weather, over-speeding, overloading, and bad roads, some road accidents have been associated with careless driving such as driving on flat tires.

It is careless because it poses a risk to your passengers, the vehicle, and yourself too. Your vehicles’ rims, frame, and alignment are subjected to wear and tear, and replacing them can be pricey. Driving such a vehicle prevents you from making turns properly since its control is lost. Accidents thus occur easily and lives could be lost.

When this happens, your spare tire becomes a requirement. If accessing and lowering it is hard for you, getting the right tools is what you need to do first. And your vehicle or its emergency kit came with these tools. (We didn’t mean that getting your spare tire down without the ‘tool’ means using your bare hands. You need a few things)

Which Tools are These?

Different methods of lowering your spare tire require different tools. However, the following tools are usually important in most of the methods, and you may want to keep them in your vehicle.

  • Ignition key
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Safety glasses
  • Jack kit
  • Ratchet extender
  • Mechanic gloves
  • Socket wrench
  • Screwdriver (flathead)
  • Wedge or 2×4

How to Get a Spare Tire Down Without the Tool?

Once you have the above tools, it is time to get your hands dirty. Get your spare tire down without the tool by following the steps below:

1. Getting Under the Truck

Before getting under the truck, check your vehicle’s wheels. Never should you change your vehicle’s tires or lower its spare tire on a slope.

This is because the vehicle could move backward and thus risk your life. If you do not want to end up in the hospital, park your car safely on a flat surface. If it is a manual car, put it on neutral gear and on parking if it is an automatic one.

2. Locating the Guide Tube

Towards the truck’s back is the guide tube. Locate it then simultaneously turn and pull it.   The guide tube should come off, giving you access to the spare tire’s drop assembly. After this, shift to the passenger’s end.

Do not remove the checking holding your vehicle in place. Pull down the spare tire. You can use the wedge or 2x4s to create space between the tire and the frame.  This reduces distraction as you work.

3. Pulling out the Key

At this point, you are probably feeling the tire becoming loose. If that is the case, you can try accessing or pulling out the key. You may need to wiggle your pliers, pulling it towards your car’s end. Do this until the key gets loosened. Locking pliers could also help in this step.

4. Inserting the Jack Kit

Get a few rods and a crowbar. Ensure that one rod has a wider end. This is called the ‘female’ end.  Insert this end into the created hole.


5. Fitting the Second Rod

Take the second rod and fit it into the end of the female rod. This leaves you with enough space to connect the end of the pulley’s male to the female rod. You will also have enough space for detaching the bumper. Ensure that the fitment between the first rod and the second rod is perfect. This is important for the next step. Insert this end now to the hole.

6. Fitting the Crowbar to the Second Rod

At this point, you should be having one end of the rod fixed in the hole. Fit the other end to the crowbar then rotates it anti-clockwise. The pulley will move, and the spare tire will be detached from the bumper.

Keep rotating until when the tire gets to the floor, entirely. Remove your spare tire from under your vehicle. Force is required to separate the pulley carrier and the rim. And hooray! You have successfully lowered your spare tire without the tool!


Flat tire experiences are quite unpleasant. Lacking the necessary tools for lowering the spare tire makes the situation worse. In most cases when you get stuck, you have to wait for long hours before you can get help.

Learning how to get the spare tire down without the tool is therefore both important and necessary. The process may not be easy, straightforward, or complicated either. It may also take time but you can rest assured that it is better than having to sit there waiting for help.

As an amateur especially, you may spend a lot of time trying to grasp the necessary steps. However, if you are patient enough, put some effort into it and you will be smiling while driving in quite a short time. The next time you go driving, ensure to carry your spare tire with you. You may not experience a flat tire, but isn’t it always good to be prepared?


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