How To Free A Stuck Brake Caliper Piston?

Are you experiencing that your car brakes have seized, and you are getting a burnt smell? It is not something extraordinary, as these instances keep happening. You may say that solving these issues is not a big deal. Moreover, there are ample measures to undertake to prevent these instances from happening. The most common indicator of this trouble is that you will notice the piston getting stuck with the brake caliper, and the vehicle keeps pulling to one side, no matter at what speed you keep driving. In the following paragraphs, we will analyze the reasons that trigger these problems and give you possible solutions to your question of how to free a stuck brake caliper piston?

Where lays the root of these problems?

Even before delving into the remedial measures, it is crucial to have precise knowledge of the possible factors that are likely to trigger these issues. It will help you take appropriate preventive measures to drive in a hassle-free manner, without experiencing any troubles in the course of driving. Corrosion is the root cause of this problem. If the car piston gets stuck to the brake caliper, there are high chances for the vehicle to sit around idle. It triggers the possibilities for the car brakes to catch rust. In turn, it results in the piston getting stuck to the brake caliper, resulting in the vehicle brake seizing out of function.

How to overcome the issue of the Brake caliper Piston getting stuck?

If you require a stuck brake caliper piston, you need a unique tool to handle the task. But, in some instances, you can get the job done with the usual C-Clamp Stand. Likewise, compressed air can, can solve these issues at times.

It will be especially relevant to state that the vehicle brake system utilizes its Hydraulic pressure to free the stuck piston. You need to separate the piston from the disc. Consequently, it would help if you pressed the brake pedal to eliminate the load of rust from this region. Once you complete these primary steps, you can go ahead to free the stuck piston. From this point, it will not take too much time and effort to accomplish the remaining task. 

One thing is for sure; you can downsize the frequencies of these troubles, taking adequate care of your vehicle at regular intervals. Your vehicle is a matter of pride for you, and hence, it deserves your attention and care. 

Do you need to reconstruct the brake caliper of your vehicle?

Even after you have addressed the stuck piston issues, there are chances that the car brake may seize. As the corroded zone is still present, it is likely to cause the piston to stick again with time. 

The most convenient solution to this problem is to replace the corroded caliper. But it is going to be a costly solution. A more economical solution to this problem lies in rebuilding the existing brake caliper. This way, you can find an effective solution to your problem without taking a severe hit in your pocket.

Rebuilding the brake caliper calls more effort and time. If you are ready to take up DYI projects, it will undoubtedly entertain you. As a synopsis of the rebuilding process, you will need to replace various components. Besides, you will need to undertake heavy cleaning and a fair extent of assembling and disassembling.

In case the corrosion has not widened significantly, reconstructing the caliper is an excellent option. Sometimes, the rusting spans to such a significant extent that you are left with no other option than to replace the unit. If you wish to keep the replacement expenses low, you may consider buying used calipers. However, experts never cast their votes in favor of this alternative. It is likely that the used caliper you are buying features more corrosion, and thus, it hardly makes sense to invest in such resources. 

As such, it is entirely up to your spending plans. In case you can afford it, replacing the damaged caliper with a new one is the best possible option. However, if you can manage time and are ready to take up physical efforts, rebuilding the caliper is an equally exciting alternative, as it reduces your financial burden. 

Even if the brake system is one of the most crucial car components, most car owners still pay the minimum attention to this part. The only way to escape this challenge is to take care of the car brakes regularly. You must keep checking if any component has worn out and demands an immediate replacement. Likewise, it would help if you kept an eye for the area catching corrosion. Please keep the brakes well lubricated that will help you to escape these challenges. This way, you can keep the car brake in the perfect condition to ensure safety in the course of driving.