How to find Axle Ratio Dodge Ram 1500: Easy Way to Determine Axle Ratio

Here we will show you how to find axle ratio dodge ram 1500, but first, you must learn what an axle ratio is.

The axle ratio is the number of revolutions of the drive shaft required for the shaft to complete one turn.

This number refers to the gear teeth and is divided by the number of pinion teeth.

For some, this will sound complex, so here we will show you how to obtain the shaft ratio itself Ram 1500.

How to find Axle Ratio Dodge Ram 1500

Step 1: Find the Metal tag

Well, to find the axle ratio on your Dodge Ram you need to find the metal tag. To find it you will need to go through the rear axle carrier housing.

On the rear axle carrier housing of your Ram, you will see a small metal tag. The gear ratio of your Ram is on that label.

With that in mind, you will now need to search for your vehicle’s axle ratio.

Step 2: Place Drive Pan

  • Lift your Dodge Ram with your hydraulic jack very carefully.
  • Move the drive tray under the cover of the carrier housing.
  • Now you need to remove the bolts, usually, 13mm bolts, use proper tools for this, such as a wrench or a socket.

Step 3: Count the gear ratio.

Once the bolts have been removed from the housing, you should be able to count the transmission ratio. We will show you how.

  • Rotate the tire, from there, you need to start counting the teeth of the large crown.
  • Now count the small pinion gears on your Dodge Ram 1500.
  • Now divide the small numbers by the larger number. This will give you the gear ratio of your Dodge Ram 1500.
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Step 5: Clean the Gasket

  • Now, find a scraper for the gasket cover, once it is cleaned, continue with the next step.
  • Find a clean cloth, clean the seal on the edge of the cover. But before that, you need to pour some RTV sealant around the edge of the cover that is in the sealing area and let it dry.

Step 6: Fill Carrier

  • Now, install the cover and install the 13 mm bolts and tighten them properly.
  • Find gear oil and pour it into the carrier and fill it. This process is done through the access plug.
  • How to tell when it’s full? easy, watch the gear oil, if you see the gear oil start coming out of the access hole of your Dodge Ram 1500, the process is done.

Step 7: Easy Axle Ratio

Now, when you find the axle ratio of your Ram 1500 to be able to change to a different one, you have to take into account some factors when changing the transmission. This will cause you to change the cruise RMP and speedometer.

You must also make sure that the front and rear ratios match. If you see a higher ratio number, the gearing will be better and vice versa.

If you see the 4.11 gear ratio, you should know that for every revolution of the tire, the drive shaft will turn 4.11 times. If it is 2.5 the tire will turn two and a half turns. Get the idea?

In short, if the number is higher, it will give more acceleration. If you want less acceleration, just reduce the number. If you want to make the process easier, check the label on your rear axle since on Dodge Ram 1500’s the front label is more protected than the rear one.

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I hope you understood the process of how to find axle ratio Dodge Ram 1500, now you can easily change the axle ratio to the ratio you want.

Knowing this, make your Dodge Ram 1500 more powerful, because you and your truck deserve it. See you next time!

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