How To Disable Stabilitrak?

If you own a GM/Chevy pickup truck or SUV, you may wish to deactivate the traction control system entirely. In off-road and performance-driving scenarios, disabling the StabiliTrak system is advantageous. Note, however, that this procedure will fully disable your traction control and should only be performed by an experienced driver. Here are the procedures for deactivating the StabiliTrak system:

  1. Start the vehicle’s engine and place it in park.
  2. Press and hold the traction control button until the “StabiliTrak Off” indicator light lights on the dashboard.
  3. Turn the engine off and then on again.
  4. The StabiliTrak system should now be off entirely.

It is essential to keep in mind that removing the StabiliTrak system removes a vital safety element from your car. Ensure that you only do so if you are an experienced driver and only when you require greater control over the vehicle’s performance.


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