How To Disable Afm For Free?

Disabling Active Fuel Management (AFM) or Displacement on Demand (DOD) is a simple and free technique to increase your vehicle’s performance. This guide from TK’s Garage describes the procedure in detail so that you may take advantage of the additional power for free.

The video begins by describing how AFM works and how it might limit the power output of your vehicle. It then describes the methods necessary to disable AFM, including removing the fuse, disconnecting the fuel pump relay, and attaching a resistor to the wire harness of the vehicle.

Additionally, the tutorial describes the hazards connected with disabling AFM. You may violate your vehicle’s warranty, and if the engine is not properly maintained, the additional power could cause engine damage. The video also describes how to re-enable AFM if you choose to return to the default configuration.

The guide walks you through the full procedure, beginning to end, so that you may securely and efficiently disable AFM on your own. If you want to get more power out of your vehicle without spending a dollar, you should watch this video from TK’s Garage.


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