How To Cut Rubber Tires?

Cutting rubber tires might be a difficult process, but with the proper equipment, it is not only possible but also quite easy. You will need a sharp utility knife or retractable box cutter to get started. Once you have this, you’re good to go.

To begin cutting the tire, insert the blade’s tip directly into the rubber’s smooth surface approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) from where the tread begins. It’s vital to remember that the tread may be reinforced with steel belts, so you shouldn’t cut too close to it. If this is the case, it is recommended to shift slightly away from the reinforced region so as not to harm it.

From here, you’ll want to slowly and carefully slice into the rubber as you move around the tire. As you cut, you should consider the pattern you’re producing. Before beginning, you may find it useful to draw a guideline on the tire with a marker or similar tool to verify that you are cutting the tire in the correct direction.

After working your way around the tire, you should be able to remove the top section to expose the inner component. Remove the inner portion of the tire, and you will be finished!

Cutting rubber tires may appear overwhelming, but it is possible with the proper equipment and a little patience. Remember to keep the blade away from the tread and to draw a guideline with a marker before you begin cutting. These two tactics will have you cutting through rubber tires like a pro in no time!


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