How To Adjust Harley Clutch

It is important to change the Harley clutch line if you own a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This will help you maintain the safety and responsiveness of the vehicle for an enjoyable road trip.

Adjusting the clutch is a simple and quick task that you can do even in your own seat. And this article will give you the ultimate roadmap to finish the mission without any troubleshooting problems.

So, how to adjust Harley clutch cable, first of all, you can remove the clutch cable from the vehicle. Now, loosen the lock nut and the two adjuster nuts a little. Next, gently pull back on the clutch cord and watch until you feel the place where the clutch fork seems to be engaged. This is where you would create improvements.

Steps To Adjust A Clutch On A Harley Davidson

If you have a Harley Big Twin motorcycle and want to know how to change the Harley Twin Cam clutch, follow these steps:

Step 1: Allow your motorcycle to cool down and remove the cable cover

Check that your bike has cooled down properly before starting work. Looking back, you will notice a small rubber sheet in the middle of the clutch, which is the main clutch cable cover. Scroll down to expose the clutch cable adjuster before removing the cover.

Step 2: Now Give the Clutch Slack

To do this, you will need to protect the adjuster with a wrench. Next, remove the lock nut, which can be seen on the top of the adjuster, to secure it. You should also leave ample room for the adjuster to relieve all the tension on the clutch.

Step 3: Lift the Derby cover and release the adjuster

If you can see, there are a number of bolts that hold the Derby cover in position. Consequently, you must first remove them and move them out of the way. Thereafter, your Derby case can be openly excluded from that location. Please assist the outer cover with one hand while removing it to avoid any injury or other damage.

Next, using a wrench or screwdriver, unscrew the locknut that holds the clutch adjuster in position.

Step 4: Adjusting the Clutch

To avoid overtightening the clutch adjuster, tighten it with your fingertips until you feel the bottom of the adjuster. You should now carry the repair manual with you and obey the directions. Instructions on Harley clutch shift torque settings can also be found here. As a result, put in a screwdriver or Allen wrench and obey the instructions.

Step 5: Re-adjusting the Jam Nut And Derby Cover

When you have finished fixing it, it is time to replace the lock nut and the rear cover. To do this, tighten the lock nut securely and avoid unnecessary use. Next, turn the Derby cover bolt by hand and tighten it carefully.

When tightening the bolts, please work on opposite bolts instead of winding them in. The Harley clutch engages too early, so please replace the Derby cover lock nut and pull out the free motion cable correctly.

Step 6: Re-adjust the Clutch Cable And Do A Test Ride

To maintain proper tightness, you must now obey the instructions in the service manual. When you are sure you have made the proper change, continue tightening the locknut in its original location.

Now it’s time to return the clutch cover to its original location, so do that. After that, you can put it to the test by taking a bike ride down the track.

How To Adjust Harley Evo Clutch/Sportster

Follow the instructions below completely.

Gearbox cover

Remove the gearbox cover first; there are two small screws, the gearbox cover and the O-ring behind it. Remove the screws, springs, and locknuts with a 4 mm Allen wrench.

Clutch Cable

Squeeze the clutch cable; if it freezes, apply WD-40 to it. Soak it for a couple of minutes and then tap it some more to release the adjuster and locknut.

Put as much slack as possible in the clutch cable so that the clutch handle has a completely loose lip.

Find the shaft groove

Next, go down into the gearbox cover field to find a groove in the shaft. Pull it out with a flat-blade screwdriver to rest it gently. Then back it out to a quarter turn.


Replace the lock nut and check that it fits snugly in the slot. Then replace the spring, cap, and screws back to their original positions. Next, the clutch cable tension needs to be adjusted and released until the handle has a 1/16″ or 1/8″ play.

Unplug the cable afterward, and you should see more than 1/8 or 1/16 inch, indicating that it is ready to use.

How To Adjust A Hydraulic Clutch On A Harley Davidson

You should not have to worry about adjusting the Harley Davidson hydraulic clutch very often. The hydraulic clutch design is novel because it uses an automatic adjustment mechanism. As a result, typical clutch adjustments are not required.

How to adjust the Harley hydraulic clutch in the event of a problem with the Harley Davidson hydraulic clutch?

Harley-Davidson will notify the owner in accordance with the company’s instructions. The dealer will then inspect the clutch master cylinder for gasoline in the fluid. If they discover gasoline, they will flush the clutch system and reassemble the clutch master cylinder as part of your transaction. They will ensure that the complete service is provided at no charge.

How To Adjust Harley Shovelhead Clutch

If you are frequently experiencing shovelhead problems on your Harley, disassemble the clutch and clean the friction disc with brake cleaner. You can then lubricate the friction discs with non-gas-based silicone lubricants. This will help prevent moisture and grease from being absorbed into the plate over time.

While parking, you can also put the gearbox in neutral and press the idler down low enough to keep it from grinding in the gears. You can even shift up to second and then back down to first. It should go into a second more easily and then into the first without sanding.


How To Adjust Harley Clutch Lever

  • To begin, remove the rubber cover from the clutch lever.
  • Now loosen the larger lock nut with your fingers.
  • Next, find a smaller adjusting nut; unscrew it to reduce free play.
  • Then tighten or rotate the lever inward to achieve the opposite effect.
  • Your clutch lever is now properly adjusted and ready for use.

How To Adjust Harley Clutch Pack

  • To begin, reverse the clutch cable adjuster to greatly loosen the joystick.
  • Pull the hex screw out of the clutch assembly and gently push it all the way out.
  • Next, as described in the book, you can make a half circle or full circle.
  • Next, to secure the ball and slope, tighten the lock nut and pull the clutch several times.
  • Finally, pull the clutch cable 1/16 to 1/8 inch away from the bracket.

How To Adjust Harley Clutch Dragging Issue?

  • Remove the clutch lever to solve this problem.
  • Now, where the back of the control lever contacts the handle.
  • And then, depending on the amount of friction, release the clutch.
  • Release the clutch plate that was causing the resistance.
  • As a result of the correct release, your problem has been solved.


How Often To Adjust Harley Clutch?

The bicycle clutch wears out over time, so it needs to be adjusted. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the clutch free play can be adjusted every 5,000 to 6,000 miles, according to the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Why Harley Clutch Not Fully Engaging?

If you have a Harley-Davidson vehicle and the clutch does not engage, this indicates that the clutch is too tight. As a result, when the lever is released, the clutch disc is not fully engaged.

Why Harley clutch not fully disengaging?

According to the manufacturer, some 2016 Harley Davidson motorcycles have not yet fully separated. When the vehicle is parked outside for an extended period of time or the bike is in gear and the engine is running, the clutch master cylinders on these affected models may generate enough lift to release the clutch.


The purpose of this article is to teach you how to adjust Harley clutch cable. As a result, to avoid any further Harley clutch adjustment problems after completing the task, please carefully and accurately follow all instructions.