How To Adjust Camber On Chevy Truck?

If you drive a Chevrolet pickup truck, you are aware that the camber angle of the wheels is crucial to the vehicle’s performance and safety. An improper camber angle can result in uneven tire wear, poor handling, and even hazardous driving situations. If you discover that your vehicle’s camber angle is incorrect, you can fix it rather easily to restore its performance.

Start by measuring the present camber angle of your vehicle. Measure the angle between the wheel and the ground with a protractor to get the current camber angle. If your vehicle’s camber angle is currently optimal, you do not need to alter it. However, if the angle is incorrect, it must be adjusted.

To alter the camber angle, the tires must be removed from the wheels. After doing so, locate and release the arm mounting bolts on the wheel hub. Next, you must loosen and twist the upper control arm to modify the camber angle.

After adjusting the camber angle, you will need to double-check its accuracy with the protractor. If not, you must repeat the operation until the desired angle is achieved. After achieving the ideal camber angle, the wheel and tire can be reinstalled and the results evaluated.

It is not difficult to adjust the camber angle on a Chevrolet vehicle, but it does take some time and work. You’ll be able to get the ideal camber angle and recover your vehicle’s performance with the proper equipment and a little patience.


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