How Much Value Does A Car Lose With Hail Damage?

There is no doubt that hail damage can significantly decrease the value of your automobile. In fact, the average cost of repairs for auto hail damage is a staggering $6,500 – and that’s after more than 20 years in the industry, so we know what we’re doing. However, it is crucial to note that repair costs can range from as little as $2,500 to as much as $16,000, depending on the severity of the hail damage and the estimation method.

Unfortunately, some individuals mistakenly believe that hail damage may be repaired for a few dollars here and there, but this is just not the case. In actuality, hail damage can result in a large drop in the value of your vehicle, since the repairs required to restore it to its pre-hail state are frequently rather expensive. It is also important to note that some insurance offer discounts for hail damage, which can help defray some of the repair costs.

In the end, the amount of value lost due to hail damage relies on the severity of the damage, the cost of repairs, and the discounts provided by your insurer. However, one thing is certain: it is always a good idea to have your car evaluated by a specialist as soon as possible in order to limit damage – and repair costs.


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