How Much Is The Cost To Replace A Honda Key Fob?

The cost of replacing a Honda key fob can be substantial, but it does not have to be. Depending on the age of your car and the type of key required, the cost might range from approximately $40 for a conventional key to $450 for a keyless entry remote or smart key.

It’s tempting to seek assistance directly from the dealership, but doing so can be more expensive than exploring alternative choices first. You may be able to acquire a compatible key or remote at a price significantly lower than that of the dealership.

For instance, you can purchase appropriate Honda key fobs online for between $50 and $100. Ensure that the device you’re ordering is compatible with your Honda model, as certain fobs are only compatible with particular model years.

You could also consult a locksmith. They can frequently provide a compatible Honda key fob and program it to your vehicle for a lesser price than the dealership. In addition, locksmiths frequently offer emergency services, so you may obtain a replacement key fast if you’re locked out of your automobile.

No matter which approach you take, replacing a Honda key fob need not be prohibitively expensive. Just make sure to shop about and compare prices prior to making a choice.


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