How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows?

Tinted car windows are one of the trendiest things available in the market right now. You may have seen a nice tinted window on the go, and you thought to yourself that it would have looked so much better in your car. However, you suddenly thought this must be expensive, and then instantly, you retract from the plan. However, this may not be true. The most common myths about tinted windows are either it is costly or hard to find. But fortunately, none of these is true. 

However, if you want a tinted window for your car, you should have a basic knowledge of these windows. Here are a few things you would like to know about these tinted car windows. 

First things first, what are tinted car windows?

Window tinting is when one applies a thin film of lamination to their car’s glass to make it look darker. There are many reasons for people to do this. However, some people like the way it looks. 

An incredible thing about window tinting is it does not make it dark inside the vehicle. This proves that you can see everything clearly from the inside. However, it will become harder for the people outside to see what is happening inside the car. 

This is created with some unique styles of films. It lets specific light rays get inside. Different levels of light, therefore, will be visible depending on what level of tint you have. 

It is unlike wearing sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses at night makes you almost blind. However, when you drive with these tinted laminations on at night, you will still see your surrounding without any problem. 

Staying within legal limits

This is very important to know and understand the state regulations about the tinted car window. It is essential to know how dark you can make it with the tinted glasses because most states have different rules. 

The variable light transmission, mostly known as VLT, is the measurement of light that can pass through your car’s window. The state will decide the VLT percentage on their roads. Therefore, always keep the local news in check to know that percentage in your state before getting the car windows tinted. Also, you can check that on the official website of the state too. 

Also, the VLT for tinted windows in the same state can vary depending on the type of car you possess. 

For example, if you drive a sedan in Illinois, you can let 35% of light in. However, the non-reflective tints are not acceptable over 6 inches of your windshield. However, when you drive an SUV or a van, you can let in 50% light in the same state. 

Now that you have a better outlook about tinted windows’ legal limits, here are some benefits of having these tinted windows in your car.

Best benefits of having these tinted windows

These glasses come in your vehicle to block some UV rays. This is one of the best benefits of using these tinted windows. 

Also, these window tints help us to increase the protection if applied correctly by the professionals. 

The tinted windows have many benefits other than these. These also get you some safety benefits. These window tint films prohibit windows from breaking while being caught in an accident. It helps the car window glasses prevent shattering and potentially hurting you and the co-passengers. 

Another incredible benefit of using these window films is the people from the outside will have a hard time peaking inside the car through the glasses. People will not get tempted to take something out of your vehicle. The darker the windows, the fewer chances of thieves stealing something from the inside of your car. 

Do you struggle in keeping the air conditioner at the right level? Well, gone are the days when the car air conditioners give you a hard time maintaining the right temperature throughout your journey. Now, with these films, window tinting might help you to do that. This is because, depending on your tint grade, the film can block the solar heat and UV radiation. Therefore, it might help you to maintain the temperature perfectly. 

These tinted films will also make them more balanced and comfortable, depending on the requirements. 

Now that you have known the best benefits of these tinted window films, now here is what you were waiting for. Here is:

How much may it cost to have tinted car windows?

The price you will pay to have these tinted car windows will depend on many different factors. This will include the make of the car you possess and its model number. Also, on the type of vehicle, you have in your possession. It would help if you got prepared to pay more when you have more windows to cover in your car. 

However, you will also need to pay when you have to remove these tints for some reason. We will discuss that too by the end of this article. 

A car tinting may cost anywhere between 50 dollars to 600 dollars for the standard, essential tinted films in your window. When you need a sleek look, like the metallic or ceramic ones, the more trendy designs in the market now might cost up to 100 to 800 dollars. 

Now about the removal: when you want to remove these tints from your car windows for some reason, it might cost up to 25 to 200 dollars to avail of the service. 

Now, many people out there want to DIY the window tints. However, we would strongly suggest you run to a professional when you want to do your window tint—applying these window tints correctly. It is not easy to apply these films to your car window properly as you think. Car modification in some states is strict. Therefore, you may not want to mess it up going DIY for this and do it for the first time. 

So, these are some of the most important things you need to know about while looking for tinted car windows available in the market. Check out these tips now. 


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