How Much Does A 2012 Honda Civic Si Turbo Kit Cost?

MAKSpeed’s turbo kit SKU 6992 is suitable for your 2012 Honda Civic SI if you’re looking for a turbo kit. This kit contains every component necessary to take your Civic SI to the next level, and it’s a steal at just $4,289.00. In addition, you can upgrade the Hondata FlashPro Injector and the fuel pump if you require additional power.

This turbo kit is created to order, so you will receive just what you need to enhance the performance of your Honda Civic SI. And with MAKSpeed’s Price Match Guarantee, you can be confident that you are receiving the best bargain.

In addition, if you need assistance paying for the kit, MAKSpeed offers finance starting at $249 per month. Therefore, you can acquire a turbo kit for your 2012 Honda Civic SI without going bankrupt.

Purchase the MAKSpeed Civic SI Turbo Kit SKU 6992 immediately to take your Civic SI to the next level!


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