How Many Batteries Are In A Tesla?

As you may be aware, Tesla is one of the major manufacturers of electric automobiles and has transformed our energy consumption. But have you ever questioned how many batteries a Tesla contains? The response is – quite a bit!

Tesla vehicles utilize an astonishing array of 18650 batteries, which are the same sort found in commonplace laptops and mobile phones. The most common Tesla battery pack includes around 7,104 of these 18650 cells, which are organized into 16 444 cell modules. Each 18650 battery can store around 85 kWh of energy, for a total energy storage capacity of approximately 590 kWh.

Nevertheless, Tesla’s engineers have lately made an even more astounding achievement. By redesigning the battery pack’s construction, it was possible to fit 516 cells in each module, for a total of 8,256 cells. This means that the new battery pack can store approximately 690 kWh of energy, substantially expanding the range of Tesla automobiles.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “how many batteries does a Tesla have?” two batteries. includes an astonishing 7,104 18650 cells in the most popular model, while the new and enhanced variant contains 8,256 cells.


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