How Many Amps Does A 2000 Watt Car Amp Draw?

Depending on the load impedance, the amount of amps that automobile amplifiers require varies. For instance, if your automobile amplifier is a 2000-watt type that is wired for 2 ohms, it will consume 31.5 amps. Keep in mind, however, that no amplifier is 100% efficient, and if your car amplifier is a class D amplifier, the current drawn will be slightly less.

Class D amplifiers are designed to consume less current than conventional amplifiers, and their use in automobile audio systems is growing. The current consumption of a class D amplifier is dependent on the amplifier’s efficiency and the speaker load impedance. For instance, if your automobile amplifier is a class D model with 2000 watts and is connected for 2 ohms, it may draw as little as 22 amps.

If your automobile audio system consists of numerous speakers, the total impedance of the system will also affect the amp’s current draw. If your system is connected for 4 ohms, the amp’s current draw will be 15.75 amps.

Depending on the type of amplifier and the impedance of the load, the amp’s current draw in automobile audio systems might vary dramatically. It is essential to know how much current your automobile amplifier draws to prevent it from overloading your electrical system.


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