How Long Does It Take to Tint Car Windows

“How long does it take to tint car windows?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. The time depends largely on the condition of the car windows. People go to tinting or do-it-yourself stores to tint their windows. Consequently, they get the best results.

In this scenario, you can learn how to incorporate a stunning look in different seasons of the year. You can also learn how long it takes to finish the tinting job. When tinting a car window, it is common for the paint to foam and distort the glass. Take a look below to learn more about it.

How Long Does Window Tint Take?

The shape depends on many variables, five of which are considered the most important. It contains the following elements: How long does it take to tint car windows?

  • Size of the glass area
  • Shape of the windows
  • If the old tint is to be replaced, how many windows are there?
  • If the slope of the windows is steep and the curves are complicated.

The more windows to tint, the longer it takes on average. When we tested the method in our garage, we found that the five-door car takes about an hour and a half. Cars with six or more doors with steep front windows or complicated curves can take up to three hours to complete. You may be surprised to learn that a two-door coupe requires more time than a regular car to easily shade the rear windows and rear glass.

How is window tinting applied?

To curb ultraviolet radiation, people tend to tint car windows. Besides, the radiation is toxic to the eyes. As mandatory work, we will guide you on how to apply window tinting on cars.

Part 1: Preparing car windows

If you are going to tint the windows of your car, you will need a clean and dry working area. It is also possible to do it on the inside. Stickers can be easily removed from vehicles and walls, and you can do the same. This procedure will dissolve the stickers that are causing adhesion problems. Not only do you need to replace the glue, but also remove the barriers from the vehicle so as not to hinder the washing method. Clean the windows and interior of the building.

The method of cleaning the windows is similar to cleaning the windshield of a car. This procedure will be beneficial to you. For best performance, we consider the use of multipurpose steam. In addition, we actively discourage the use of Windex or cleaners containing ammonia. These will turn the color of the window purple after use.

The side of the glass facing you should be tinted to provide more adhesion and longer life.

Part 2: How should I use window tint?

Window tint is applied to the outside of the glass to mask it completely. Unroll opaque glass tint 2-3′′ extra on both sides. In a limited version, it does not shorten the tinting method. Apply the extra tint to each window and then square the tinting film with a knife or razor.

The first film perfectly sprays the windows with water after tinting. Allow them to dry before cutting the left edges of the glass. Be careful when cutting and use your hands-free to make sure the film is flush on the windows.

Part 3: Ensure that the tint fully adheres.

The persistence of the color is important. To do this, rub the inside of the window with window cleaner or soapy water. Remove the color film by keeping pressure on the adhesive. Peel off the adhesive film using the top of the release paper and both thumbs.

Spray water on the window as you point the colors toward it. Accurately match the edges of the tint on the glass by sliding it on a damp surface.

Finally, proceed to smooth the tinted surface by squeezing the blisters. If you are still not sure how to perform the process correctly, watch the following video.

What to do after tinting car windows?

Experimenting with tinting bubbles

It is necessary to wait for the first few days because rolling up the windows can create problems. In this case, it is essential to choose a high-quality window film. They are known to be durable. If you are not sure, you can seek the advice of a professional to better appreciate the installation procedure.

Color bubbles will quickly change the color of the screen. And if you want to tint the car windows yourself, it is essential to use bubble removal during the LCD lamination phase. Even if the friction from rolling the window bothers you, keep it open for two to four days.

Not washing the car

The most common question we receive is: “Can I wash the car before painting the windows? Well, yes. This can be done before proceeding with the operation, but the answer to the other query, “When can I wash the tinted glass?” As long as the tinted glass sheet is used indoors, there is no chance of dirt or mud being washed away. In contrast, the full washtub requires windows. Therefore, it is worth waiting until the tinting has definitely dried.

Care should be taken, as the crystals would allow the colors to dry for two to four days. Park the car in full sun during winter or rainy days; otherwise, it would take about 15 days. While driving and listening to music, you cannot slide the crystals until they have colored.


What type of windows does your car have?

The type of windows on your car can influence the time it takes to paint it. Multiple makes and models of cars have windows that vary in shape, scale and content.

What size windows does your car have?

The time it takes for your car to color depends on the scale of the windshield. Larger windshields need some time to get it right, while smaller windshields are usually easier.

How much of your car do you want to be tinted?

Obviously, the amount of window tinting you choose can influence the time it takes to tint the vehicle. Some may choose to tint the entire vehicle (the rear windshield, all side windows, and a strip of the front windshield), while others may only want to tint one or two surfaces.


Professional window tinting is carried out in a timely manner. Even in the family garage, there is no problem. If you have read anything, you already know how long it takes to color the windows of the car. There are also paint shops nearby. For maximum performance, use high-quality colors throughout the installation phase.


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