How Long Does It Take To Replace Lifters?

Lifter replacement is a task best left to a skilled mechanic. Labor costs for replacing lifters average around $80 per hour, which can soon add up. The time required to replace lifters varies depending on the type of engine you have.

For a four- or six-cylinder engine, the task should take four hours. This indicates that the labor cost will be approximately $320. If your vehicle has a larger engine, such as a V8, the job will take longer and cost more.

Keep in mind that replacing lifters is not only labor-intensive; you must also purchase the necessary components. Depending on what you require, you should anticipate to pay anywhere from $50 and $200 for the parts.

Replacement of lifters can be an expensive endeavor. With labor and parts included, you should anticipate spending between $500 and $800. However, if you can change the lifters on your own, you can save a significant amount of money.


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