How Do You Turn Off The Tpms Light On A 2009 Honda Civic?

If you own a 2009 Honda Civic, you likely have a TPMS light that has been on for some time. The TPMS light, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System light, indicates that there is a problem with your tires that requires immediate attention. However, you need to change the tire pressure or drive slowly for approximately ten minutes to turn off the light.

The initial step is to check the tire pressure. This can be accomplished using a tire pressure gauge, which you should maintain in your vehicle at all times. The exact PSI, or pounds per square inch, for your tires is displayed on a sticker on the door sill. After inflating your tires to the specified PSI, the TPMS light should turn off.

If you’ve previously inflated your tires to the proper PSI, you’ll need to drive your vehicle for around 10 minutes. By doing so, you give your vehicle time to record that the tire pressure is correct, at which point the TPMS indicator should switch off.

Thus, you now have two simple options for turning off the TPMS indicator on your 2009 Honda Civic. Remember to check the tire pressure, and if it is below the recommended PSI, fill the tires with air. Then you’re good to go!


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