How Do You Open The Ford Easy Fuel Without A Funnel?

If you drive a Ford vehicle equipped with the Easy Fuel system, you do not need a funnel to fill your gas tank. Instead, simply open the outside gasoline door, insert the pump nozzle, and fill your car’s tank.

Utilizing the nozzle directly, as opposed to a funnel, is the simplest and most effective approach to fill your tank. This is particularly important if your vehicle has a capless fuelling system.

Make sure you’ve parked your car in a safe location and shut off the engine before you begin. Additionally, ensure that the fuel door is closed and locked prior to refueling.

To open the fuel door, simply press the release button located on the door. This will release the door, exposing the fuel nozzle. Now, you can begin fueling by inserting the nozzle into the fuel tank.

Remove the nozzle and ensure the fuel door is closed and locked when you are finished. That is all! Easy Fuel makes refueling your Ford vehicle simple, quick, and convenient; no funnel is required.


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