How Do You Open A Ford Explorers Trunk From The Inside?

If you’re like many Ford Explorer owners, you may have experienced the frustration of wanting to open the trunk from the inside yet being unable to do so. You may still access the trunk from the interior by taking a few steps.

First, you must ensure that the trunk lock is not jammed or broken. If so, the exterior trunk handle will not trigger the mechanism. To inspect, open the glove compartment and look for the trunk release button. It should be situated on the glove box’s left side. It should be a little button, typically depicting a tree trunk.

Once the button has been discovered, push and hold it for three seconds. This ought should unlock the trunk. If not, the lock may be broken or stuck. In this instance, the key is required to open the trunk. You must locate the trunk keyhole, which is typically situated on the trunk’s side. Once the key is inserted and turned clockwise, the trunk should open.

We understand that having to open your trunk from the inside is an inconvenience, but following procedures should assist. If nothing else works, you can always call a tow truck to assist you.


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