How Do You Make Honda Odyssey Doors Manual?

If you wish to convert your Honda Odyssey to manual doors, you’re in luck. It is a few-step method that is relatively straightforward.

Enter your vehicle via the driver’s side door. Place yourself in the driver’s seat and locate the control panel to the left of the steering wheel. Find the sliding switch labeled “ON” at the top (this is your power door switch). To turn the device off, slide the switch to the “OFF” position. This will disable the electric door locks and return the doors to their manual state.

Next, you must locate the manual door release cable on the driver’s seat’s left side. Typically, this cable is either white or black and is positioned right behind the driver’s seat. After locating the cable, pulling it should unlock the door.

To make the remaining doors manual, you must locate the manual door release cable for each door. Each door must have an own cable. Pull each cable, and the door should open.

Once the power door locks have been disabled and all doors have been unlocked, you should be able to manually close and lock each door. To lock the doors, you must depress the lock lever on the interior of each door. To unlock the doors, you must pull up on the lever.

That is all! You’ve just made your Honda Odyssey doors manual. Now you may appreciate the convenience of manual doors without worrying about electric door locks.


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