How Do You Fix A Bent Car Door Frame?

If your vehicle’s door frame is bent, have no fear! It is a simple remedy that will not take long. You only require a hammer and chisel.

Using the ball-peen side (the curved top) of your hammer, tap one end of the metal strip that runs along all four sides of your doorway until it rests flat on both ends. This will assist in restoring the contour of the frame.

After that, use the chisel to remove any excess metal that may have accumulated around the frame. Keep your chisel at an angle and tap away excess material gently. This will assist in restoring the frame to its original shape.

Lastly, use the flat side of your hammer (the bottom) to tap along the frame’s edges to ensure that they are flush and level. This will ensure that the frame is once again properly aligned.

You have successfully repaired the car door frame. It is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. There is no need to visit the mechanic; you can do it yourself!


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