How Do You Enter A Bmw Radio Code?

Entering a BMW radio code is not as challenging as it seems. To accomplish this, you must first turn the ignition to the ON position before turning on the radio. If either CODE or LOC is shown, turn off the radio. Then, simultaneously press and hold the audio power button and the SEEK button for 50 to 60 minutes. The radio should then display a four- to five-digit code.

Once the code has been obtained, it can be entered into the radio. Simply press and hold the audio power button for approximately 10 seconds. Then, you must enter the code on the radio and push the audio power button once again. The radio should then function properly.

Remember that if the code is entered incorrectly three times, the radio will lock and you will need to visit a BMW shop to have it unlocked. Therefore, ensure you enter the right code prior to pushing the audio power button.

Initially, entering a BMW radio code may appear frightening, but with the proper steps, it is a relatively straightforward process. You should have no trouble reactivating your radio if you simply follow the guidelines provided above.


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