How Do You Change A Headlight On A 2014 Subaru Legacy?

Headlight replacement on a 2014 Subaru Legacy need not be a hassle! You can quickly replace that headlight with the appropriate instructions and a little bit of experience. The good news is that most 2014 Legacy models utilize the readily available H7 bulb. So, let’s get started!

The initial step is to open the hood and find the headlight housing. This is normally located in the front of the engine compartment on the driver’s side of a Legacy. Once located, loosen the headlight housing’s holding clamps and remove the headlight housing.

Unplug the electrical connector that is attached to the headlight’s back. This will provide access to the actual bulb. Now you must ensure that you have the correct replacement bulb. As previously indicated, the 2014 Legacy utilizes the readily available H7 bulb.

Once you get the replacement bulb, you can remove the old one and replace it with care. Avoid touching the bulb with your bare hands, since the oils on your skin could cause it to burn out prematurely.

Now you may reconnect the electrical connector and reinstall the headlamp housing. Secure the retention clips, and you are finished!

Headlight replacement on a 2014 Subaru Legacy is pretty basic. As long as you have the proper replacement bulb, you should be able to complete the task quickly.


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