How Do You Change A 2015 Honda Pilot Headlight Bulb?

Changing the headlight bulb in a 2015 Honda Pilot is a pretty simple process. You only need an H11 bulb and you’re all set!

Initially, locate the headlight bulb within the headlight housing. Insert your hand behind the low-beam light bulb and depress the tab on the plastic plug. This will loosen the bulb’s electrical connection.

To remove the bulb from the headlight housing, you must next twist it counterclockwise. To avoid breaking the glass portion of the bulb, avoid touching it.

When the H11 bulb burns out, you can replace it with a new one. Insert the new bulb into the headlight housing in the same manner as the previous one, and then twist it clockwise to secure it.

Finally, the electrical plug can be reconnected to the new bulb. Ensure that the tab is securely attached to the plug.

You have just successfully replaced the headlight bulb on your 2015 Honda Pilot! Now you may confidently hit the road, as your headlights are glowing brightly.


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