How Do You Build A Drift Car In Forza Horizon 2?

If you’ve ever desired to construct a drift car that can handle any turn, you’ve come to the correct place! We will demonstrate step-by-step how to design a drift car in Forza Horizon 2 that will allow you to navigate turns like a pro.

First, you must install the turbo mode at maximum capacity. This will provide sufficient power for your vehicle to glide over tight twists and curves. Then, you will need to alter your wheels’ camber to a negative camber. This will provide the necessary stability and traction to prevent your vehicle from skidding on the road.

Next, you will want to boost the car’s downforce. This will assist you in maintaining control as you drift through corners and curves. You can achieve this by adding a spoiler or aero kit to your vehicle, or by upgrading to a stronger suspension arrangement. This will aid in keeping your vehicle on the road when needed.

Finally, you will need to modify the weight distribution of your vehicle. This is a crucial step, since it will influence how your vehicle handles when drifting around corners. This can be accomplished by adding weight to the back of the vehicle or lowering the front. This will help maintain your vehicle’s balance and improve your control while drifting.

In conclusion, there you have it! With these few steps, you’ve developed a Forza Horizon 2 drift car capable of handling any curve. So get out there and demonstrate your abilities!


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