How Do I Reset A Honda Civic Oil Light?

If you are the proud owner of a Honda Civic, you probably want to take excellent care of it. One of the greatest methods to accomplish this is to maintain regular oil changes. But how do you tell when an oil change is necessary? This is where your dashboard’s oil maintenance indicator comes into play.

Resetting the oil light on your Honda Civic is, thankfully, a rather simple task. If your Civic has a touchscreen positioned in the center console, you can reset the oil maintenance indicator from the dashboard. Turning on the ignition is all that’s required to begin.

Next, select Settings from the Home menu on your touchscreen device. Then, you will need to pick Vehicle, followed by Maintenance Information. This brings up the Select Reset Items screen. Here, you have the option to reset the oil light and any other previously modified items.

After selecting all the items to reset, you only need to confirm your selection for the oil light to be reset. That’s all there is to it! Therefore, you are now aware of how to reset the oil maintenance indicator on your Honda Civic. Remember that regular oil changes are essential to maintaining your vehicle’s optimal performance, so be sure to stay up with your oil maintenance.


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