How Do I Replace Weather Stripping On Car Windows?

Replacing the weatherstripping on the doors and windows of a vehicle is not as difficult as it seems. In addition, it is well worth the investment, as weatherstripping helps keep the elements out and your automobile safe and snug. Here are the steps:

You must first acquire updated weatherstripping material. There are weatherstripping kits on the market that include portions that are pre-cut and ready to install. Ensure that the replacement kit is the same size and form as the original; otherwise, it may not fit properly.

After acquiring the new weatherstripping, the old material must be removed. This is often accomplished using a flat pry bar to prevent damage to the door or window frame. Remove the old weatherstripping with care and set aside.

Installing the new weatherstripping is now possible. Apply a bead of adhesive along the frame to begin. Then, press the replacement weatherstrip into place. Ensure that the pressure is distributed uniformly so that the weatherstripping is correctly seated.

Lastly, the weatherstripping can be secured with a few small nails or screws. Again, ensure the nails or screws are placed evenly to guarantee a secure fit.

And that concludes it! You can replace the weatherstripping around your car’s doors and windows with minimal effort. It is a simple solution to protect your vehicle from the weather.


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