How Do I Remove Interior Scratches From Car Plastic?

Removing interior scratches from plastic car interiors is not as difficult as you may believe. You only need a heat gun, some fine sandpaper, and an interior car cleaner to complete the job.

To prepare the plastic surface for repair, it must first be cleaned. This will ensure that the heat gun can perform effectively. Use a cloth and some auto cleanser to thoroughly clean the plastic by gently rubbing it down.

After thoroughly cleaning the plastic, you can begin using the heat gun. Maintain a safe distance from the plastic and never directly apply the heat gun. Instead, gently increase the heat until the plastic begins to melt and the scratch disappears. For optimal results, keep the heat gun moving to prevent plastic damage.

Once the scratch has been removed, you can use fine sandpaper to make the surface uniform and smooth. Employing a circular motion, sand down any raised edges or bumps generated by the heat gun. Use the auto cleaner once more to eliminate any remaining residue and restore the plastic’s original gloss.

And that concludes it! With three simple methods, you can quickly eliminate interior plastic scratches. Remember to use the heat gun with caution and to sand down the plastic once you’re through. Best of luck!


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