How Do I Adjust The Headlights On My 2016 Honda Accord?

Adjusting the headlights on your 2016 Honda Accord is a straightforward, minute-long task. Park your Accord in front of a flat surface, such as a garage door, to begin. Then, activate the headlights and measure the distance between them and the surface. If the lights are not parallel to one another, they must be adjusted.

To accomplish this, locate the adjustment screws in the engine compartment near the headlights. Each headlamp typically has two screws, one vertical and one horizontal. The vertical screw controls the beam’s height, while the horizontal screw adjusts its position from side to side. Turn the screws with a screwdriver until the lights are properly aligned.

Now, re-enter the vehicle and turn on the lights. If the beams are still not properly aligned, it may be necessary to adjust the headlights from outside the vehicle. To accomplish this, you must remove the headlight assembly. To accomplish this, loosen the bolts and lift the unit away from the vehicle. Once the screws have been removed, turn them until the lights are in the proper position.

After adjusting the headlights, ensure that you test them. Drive the vehicle and verify that the headlights are properly positioned. If they are not ideal, adjust them again until they are. And that concludes it! Changing the headlights on your 2016 Honda Accord is simple.


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