How Can I Reset The Tire Pressure Sensor On My Toyota Highlander?

If you own a Toyota Highlander, you understand how vital it is to maintain correct tire inflation. However, were you aware that your Highlander is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to assist you in doing so? Understanding how to reset the tire pressure sensor on your Highlander is crucial for maintaining its efficiency.

Thankfully, resetting the TPMS on your Highlander is a rather straightforward operation. Find the tire placard on the door panel first. This label indicates the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer for your vehicle. After locating the label, you must then turn the ignition key to the ON position without starting the engine. If your Highlander is equipped with an ignition button, push the POWER button twice without depressing the brake pedal.

Now comes the enjoyable part: locating the TPMS reset button. This button will typically be labeled TPMS or Tire Pressure Reset and will be situated near the steering wheel. Once the TPMS reset button has been located, press and hold it until the tire pressure indicator blinks slowly three times. This will signify the completion of the reset procedure.

And that concludes it! By resetting the tire pressure sensor, you can keep your Highlander running smoothly with a few simple steps. Don’t forget to regularly check your tire pressure and reset your TPMS, and you’ll be good for many miles!


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