How Can I Remove Sunscreen From My Cars Interior?

The process of removing sunscreen from your car’s interior may appear intimidating. However, with a few simple components, the task may be accomplished quickly. Fresh lemons and water are all that is required to remove stubborn stains.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to removing sunscreen from the interior of your vehicle:

First, cut some fresh lemons in half and remove all of the seeds.

Step 2: Apply the lemon juice directly to the sunscreen stain. Ensure that the area is saturated with lemon juice.

Step 3: Allow the lemon juice to rest for few minutes. This will allow the lemon’s acidity to remove the sunscreen stain.

After the lemon juice has had time to perform its magic, wet a clean cloth with warm water and apply it to the surface. Use the cloth to remove any residual lemon juice and sunscreen stains.

Using a moderate dishwashing detergent, you can remove any remaining tough stains in Step 5. Mix two tablespoons of detergent with two cups of warm water, then scrub the area with a towel.

Step 6: Rinse the area with clean water once you’ve finished scrubbing. Ensure that all soap is gone from the area before drying it with a clean cloth.

And that concludes it! With a few simple actions, you can effortlessly remove sunscreen from the interior of your vehicle. Therefore, the next time you are faced with a sunscreen disaster, simply take some lemons and get to work!


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