Does Gmc 6.2 Require Premium?

Commonly asked is whether or not the GMC 6.2L engine demands premium fuel. The answer is affirmative. A higher compression ratio requires a higher octane rating to enable optimum combustion and maximum power production.

High-octane fuel has a higher ignition resistance, which can avoid pre-ignition or “knocking” in engines with a higher compression ratio. For the 6.2L engine, GMC recommends 93-octane fuel for optimal performance and fuel economy.

Using ordinary gasoline in a 6.2L engine might cause pre-ignition, resulting in engine damage and diminished performance. It can also result in driving difficulties such as rough idling, hesitancy, and misfires.

Notably, the 6.2L engine requires premium gasoline, which contains a higher concentration of detergent additives to keep the engine clean and limit the chance of deposits accumulating on the fuel injectors.

The GMC 6.2L engine requires premium fuel with an octane value of at least 93. Using ordinary gas can result in engine damage, diminished performance, and other concerns with drivability. To keep the engine clean and reduce the possibility of deposits collecting on the fuel injectors, it is vital to use premium gasoline.


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