Does A Lowered 4Runner Have Better Handling?

In terms of handling, the 2022 Toyota 4Runner is unquestionably superior to its predecessors. Thanks to its X-REAS suspension system and 20-inch wheels, this 4Runner has enhanced handling, making it an excellent option for anyone seeking an off-road-capable car.

The Toyota 4Runner’s handling is excellent for the price, with the limited RWD model costing just over $48,000 and the 4WD version costing $50,000. The X-REAS suspension system functions by dispersing the impact of bumps, dips, and curves across the entire system, so enhancing the vehicle’s maneuverability. Additionally, the 20-inch wheels increase the 4Runner’s road grip and control.

The TRD Pro model of the 4Runner is also available, and it comes with improvements that further enhance its handling. These features include a Bilstein suspension system, a locking rear differential, and a Multi-terrain Select system, which allows you to alter the vehicle’s performance based on the type of terrain you’re traveling on.

In general, the lowered 4Runner handles better than its predecessors. With its X-REAS suspension system and 20-inch wheels, it provides excellent value and upgraded features comparable to the TRD Pro model, making it a fantastic option for anyone seeking an off-road vehicle with greater handling.


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