Dod Delete Without Tune?

DOD deletion without tune is an attractive option for do-it-yourselfers seeking a boost in engine performance. It is true that the DOD/AFM delete kit can boost the performance of your engine, but it comes at a price. When the DOD/AFM system is removed, the extra oil required to protect the engine is likewise eliminated. Without sufficient lubrication, the surplus oil will be driven out of the pressure relief valve and into the cylinder walls, which could result in more oil burning.

Furthermore, it is necessary to note that engine tuning is required when installing a DOD/AFM delete kit. A proper tune will guarantee that the engine is operating with the correct air-to-fuel ratio and timing. Not only will the engine be more efficient, but it will also be able to operate at higher revolutions per minute without risking oil burning.

In conclusion, DOD deletion without a tune may look like a brilliant solution to enhance your engine’s performance, but it comes with numerous risks. If you decide to forward with this improvement, be careful to have a professional tune your vehicle to eliminate any potential problems.


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