Dod Delete Tune Cost?

DOD Delete is a specific tuning package that removes the Active Fuel Management (AFM) feature from your 2007-2013 vehicle. This package is particularly useful for those who want to improve their vehicle’s performance without sacrificing dependability. You will receive a Chevrolet Performance 6.2 Valley Cover, four BULK GM LIFTER TRAY GUIDES, two BTR LSX Multilayer Header Gaskets, and a Chevrolet Performance LS1 Multilayer Head Gasket as part of the DOD Delete package.

The DOD Erase package allows you to delete the AFM from the ECU of your vehicle, hence enhancing the power output and performance of your engine. This package also eliminates the AFM’s performance limitations, allowing your engine to work at its maximum capacity. In addition, the package eliminates the ability of the AFM to restrict the amount of air and fuel entering the engine, resulting in a more efficient and potent combustion.

Installing the DOD Delete package also enhances the engine’s overall dependability. By removing the AFM, you can reduce the amount of engine wear and tear by decreasing the number of engine moving parts. This reduces the chance of engine failure, improves the vehicle’s fuel economy, and decreases pollutants.

Overall, the DOD Delete package is a fantastic option for people who like to enhance their vehicle’s performance without sacrificing dependability. By removing the AFM, you can simultaneously maximize the engine’s potential, improve its dependability, and reduce emissions.


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