Do You Need Alignment After Leveling Kit?

It is a widespread fallacy that after adding a leveling kit, you do not require an alignment. There is nothing further from the truth! In reality, it is necessary if you want to maximize the performance of your truck. You should undergo an alignment whenever you modify your vehicle’s suspension or wheels.

The cost of an alignment is negligible compared to the potential harm to your truck if one is not performed. In addition, it is significantly less expensive than purchasing new truck rims because the wheels were unexpectedly grinding on the ground.

In addition, an alignment after installing a leveling system guarantees that your truck operates properly. It will deliver a more comfortable ride, improved fuel economy, and enhanced handling. Additionally, it minimizes tire wear, saving you money over time.

In conclusion, if you are installing a leveling kit, don’t forget to get your vehicle aligned. It may appear cumbersome, but it will be beneficial in the long term. And trust us, it’s much preferable to dealing with broken rims and tires or the possibility of truck damage.


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