How To Free A Stuck Brake Caliper Piston?

How To Free A Stuck Brake Caliper Piston

Are you experiencing that your car brakes have seized, and you are getting a burnt smell? It is not something extraordinary, as these instances keep happening. You may say that solving these issues is not a big deal. Moreover, there are ample measures to undertake to prevent these instances from happening. The most common indicator … Read more

How To Use Brake Cleaner

How To Use Brake Cleaner

Have you recently heard a high-pitched squealing sound while riding your car? Your car brake is the source of this sound. It indicates that you have to clean your braking system. It is unsafe to ride a car without a proper brake. Although there are airbags and other safety components, they are of no use … Read more

How to Replace Rear Main Seal Chevy 350

How to Replace Rear Main Seal Chevy 350

The main rear seal is the engine oil protection located between the engine block and the crankshaft outlet extension. Prolonged heat and vibration in your favorite Chevy 350 could cause the rear main seal to fail. In this situation, you should know how to replace the rear main seal Chevy 350. In this article, we … Read more

How Can A Faulty EGR Valve Damage Your Car?

what damage can a faulty egr valve cause

A driver needs to drive not only a well-maintained vehicle but also an eco-friendly one. To ensure both, one has to ascertain that their exhaust gas recirculation valve or EGR valve is fully functional and is working in sync with its EGR system. If your vehicle’s EGR valve is damaged, then it is not fit … Read more

How To Test The Alternator By Disconnecting The Battery?

How to Test Alternator by Disconnecting

The alternator is among the most important components of a car. It serves as the brain in the human body. Also, the Car Alternator works on the power developed by the vehicle engine. When the alternator starts to malfunction in a journey, it is likely to produce some devastating outcome. As it holds for other … Read more

How to Replace Knock Sensors [Chevrolet Silverado 1999-2006]

how to replace a knock sensor on chevy silverado

A bad knock sensor can cause very serious damage to the engine. Before this happens, consult this article on how to replace the knock sensors in your Silverado. Knock sensors are essential to the functionality of your Silverado engine. They detect any noise caused by a knock and adjust the ignition timing accordingly. If the … Read more

How to Adjust Parking Brake [Chevrolet Silverado 2007-2013]

This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006). If you notice that the handbrake makes more trips than usual or makes a strange noise, it has most likely been turned off, which is very normal considering the constant use of this element. However, despite being something very common, is a problem that should not … Read more

How to Unlock GM Radio in a GMC or Chevy Car?

how to unlock gm radio

How to unlock gm radio is an easy task, here we will show you how. Usually, GMC and Chevy vehicles are designed with a theft radio, which makes the stereo inoperable if it is stolen. The problem with these systems comes when the battery is disconnected or exhausted, therefore it is necessary to deactivate the … Read more