How Fast Can A Mustang GT Go? (The Answer)

How Fast Can A Mustang GT Go

For many car enthusiasts, the main attraction of a car is its speed! The first parameter these car lovers check is how fast the car can go from 0 to 100. A power machine is what they crave. Give them a Ford Mustang, and they won’t be disappointed. If you are a car enthusiast who … Read more

What Can Cause Your RPM To Fluctuate

Common Causes Of Car RPM Fluctuations

Whenever you press down on that accelerator in your car, you see that small needle going up, then coming down and stabilizing at a point. We are not talking about the speedometer; we are talking about the other gauge on the other side of your instrument cluster on the dashboard. This RPM gauge or meter … Read more

Can’t Afford To Get My Car Out Of Impound (Do This)

How To Get A Car Out Of Impound

We may feel embarrassed and helpless if our car is impounded and we do not have money to get it out. Maybe not having money is why we reach the state when the vehicle is taken away from us. During such times it becomes very difficult to even pay the fines and take out the … Read more

Bad Radiator/Cooling Fan Symptoms

Bad Radiator/Cooling Fan Symptoms

Has your car ever stopped on the road because of overheating? Most probably it is the radiator of your car which is not getting the cooling air that it requires. An overheated car can not only stall the car but also seriously damage the engine.  The radiator cooling fan is mainly responsible for bringing in … Read more

How Long Is A Dodge Ram 1500

How Long Is A Dodge Ram 1500

For most families buying a vehicle is a big investment and requires some planning. More so if you and your family love to travel long distances and treat the car as your base. You should be aware of certain things:  Safety features (airbags are essential) Space & storage Power doors and keyless entry Connectivity, etc.  … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Head Gasket Sealer

Pros And Cons Of Head Gasket Sealer

Most car owners don’t even think about the head gasket unless they have a problem with it. A head gasket is situated between the cylinder heads and block. The head gasket is supposed to keep the compression rate steady and stop any oil or coolant from flowing into other parts of the cylinder. So, you … Read more

Why Do Speakers Have Magnets? (The Answer)

Why Do Speakers Have Magnets?

When you discuss speakers, you are bound to hear about the bass, the treble, depth of the sound, the material used, etc. If you are looking to buy a new set of speakers for your home audio system or car system, you may check the output, size, power, and a few other factors. Did you … Read more

What Size Fuse Should I Use For My Amp? (The Answer)

what size fuse should i use for my amp

People do not know much about the fuse in the amplifier in a car and tend to ignore it. Indeed, the size of the fuse may not directly affect the quality of the system’s sound, and this is one of the less spoken components of the stereo systems in the car. Because people do not … Read more

How Many Watts Do I Need For My Car Speakers?

how many watts do i need for my car speakers

Do you find your car stereo ineffective or incapable of producing good quality sounds? Many factory-installed car stereos are not powerful enough to cancel road noise and do not let you truly enjoy the music.  On average, for a good audio experience, the stereo must have more than a minimum of 20 watts RMS per … Read more

Car Stereo Making Whining Noise

Car Stereo Making Whining Noise

When a car starts making whining sounds, it is very frustrating and embarrassing for people. Many components may lead to whining sounds in a car, but here is what you can do if the stereo is the culprit of that whining sound in the vehicle.   Reasons Of Whining Sounds  When you hear the sounds coming … Read more