0W20 Vs 5W20 Synthetic Motor Oil

0W20 Vs 5W20 Synthetic Motor Oil

In recent times, we have seen some manufacturers recommending 0W20 oils for their vehicles because of their durability and cold performance. But are these oils suitable for all engines and climatic conditions? Within the SAE scale, which measures the viscosity of oils, oils that we can call low viscosity are becoming fashionable. So much so … Read more

0W20 vs 5W30 Oil

0W20 vs 5W30 Oil

The viscosity-temperature of an oil is the most essential criterion to take into account when choosing a product. This indicator has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the oil; it simply shows the viscosity of the oil at different temperatures when it is used. Accordingly, oils are made for all seasons, for winter … Read more

How Much Does a Muffler Delete Cost

How Much Does a Muffler Delete Cost

It can be expensive to modify a car to improve its performance and create the incredible scream we all desire. However, this is not always the case. So how much does a muffler delete cost? The cost of muffler delete will vary depending on the muffler manufacturer, the technician you choose, your geographic area, and … Read more

What is StabiliTrak?

What is StabiliTrak

StabiliTrak is the name given to Electronic Stability Control (ESC) by the GM company that allows your Chevrolet car to react quickly and accurately when it detects a loss of control in adverse circumstances. So what exactly is StabiliTrak and what exactly does it do? It’s a mechanism that delivers power to the non-skid side … Read more

Loctite 271 vs 272

Loctite 271 vs 272

The threadlocker is an optimal solution for securing bolted joints. Bolted or removable joints are a universally used fastening system for an infinite number of assemblies, both in the industrial sector in general and in the automotive sector in particular. A bolted joint is made up of two basic elements, a bolt or stud, and … Read more

Who Is The Largest Tire Manufacturer?

Who Is The Largest Tire Manufacturer

The automotive world moves a lot of money. Our ability to move freely thanks to the automobile is made possible by the automobile manufacturing industry, the ancillary industries and all the services linked to the automobile. In this post we will show you who is the largest tire manufacturer currently. Global tire market The global … Read more

What Color is Gasoline?

What Color is Gasoline

Gasoline is one of the fuels that has always been associated with a yellow or greenish color. However, in recent years things have changed and now we can find blue gasoline when refueling at some gas stations. But then… What color is gasoline? Oil is not black? Why gasoline is not? Calm down! We know … Read more

How to Check Tire Pressure without A Gauge

How to Check Tire Pressure without Gauge

Before we go over how to measure tire pressure correctly, let me tell you why you should measure tire pressure regularly. We have commented on several occasions (and those that remain) that tires are the only point of contact of the car with the asphalt. Therefore, although they are unjustly forgotten, they are a key … Read more

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil? (The Answer)

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil

MOTORCRAFT is a wing of the global automobile Giant Ford Motor. They are engaged in the business of manufacturing Automobile components, motor oil, and various other automobile accessories. This division got incorporated in 1950 and continued seamlessly until 1961, earning a global reputation for the company to serve the best in class products. After that, … Read more

How Wide is a Semi-Trailer? – Different Types and Their Width

How Wide is a Semi-Trailer

When it comes to standard passenger cars and SUVs, we don’t think too much about their width or length. We only care about their safety and attractiveness. In most cases, any passenger car you buy will fit into most parking spaces. And you know they won’t be wider than typical highway lanes. Believe it or … Read more