Can You Drive Far With A P0128 Code Mercedes Benz

How Long Can You Drive With a P0128 Code Mercedes Benz

It’s a lot of fun to drive a car. Sometimes you just don’t want to stop when you are on a long drive. However, what if your car disagrees and has other plans? As you are speeding on the highways, in your Mercedes Benz, you notice the P0128 code. Now, what can you do? Do … Read more

How Long Can You Depend On Your Dodge Charger?

How Long Do Dodge Chargers Last

Who doesn’t know about the Dodge Charger? This has been a trendy car since it was launched in 1964. It comes in many different models now with various trim packages and different engines. If a Dodge Charger is worth the money invested in it, will it last longer than other cars? If you are a … Read more

How to Pass Your Driving Test the First Time

How to Pass Your Driving Test the First Time 

You can pass the driving test easily with confidence Hey, are you feeling apprehensive about your upcoming driving test? Then don’t worry, most people are sailing in the same boat, and many do not pass their test on the first attempt or even after multiple attempts.  But you can be one of the successful ones … Read more

Can You Put Oil In A Hot Engine? (The Answer)

Can You Put Oil In A Hot Engine

You already know that engine oil levels should be monitored regularly. You also understand that engine oil must be replenished as soon as the level goes below the threshold and the warning light flashes. But should you pour the oil while the engine is still hot? Confusing Advice From People in the Know Some advise … Read more

Car Overheating Then Going back To Normal

Car Overheating Then Going back To Normal

Have you ever noticed cars pulled over on the highways or on long journeys to “cool down” the engine and radiator? You ask the owner, and they say the car is over-heated, and we are cooling it down? This may not be a common sight today, with the more advanced engines designed to take care … Read more

Find Out Why Your Favorite Jeep Is So Expensive

why are jeeps so expensive

The market has vehicles in a wide price range. Some people love family cars while others like special features like SUV, or MUVs, and they are expensive. Their special features justify their higher price to the eager buyers. The Jeep brand has managed to stay popular though it is more expensive than many other SUVs—the … Read more

Can You Differentiate Between Ford 289 vs. 302 And 351 Engine Easily? 

Ford 289 vs 302 and 351 Engine

Ford engines are considered very sturdy and durable. These engines are used in different vehicles of Ford and are used in sports applications too. Globally many different types of engines evolved over the years.   History Of Ford Small Block Engines Over The Decades  The first small-block engine was launched in 1962 by Ford. Its design … Read more

How To Reset Tire Pressure TPMS Light On Chevrolet Malibu

How To Reset Tire Pressure TPMS Light On Chevrolet Malibu

It is common to check the pressure in the car tires as soon as we notice the TPMS indicator signals. Riding with even a slightly deflated tire or uneven tire pressure will imbalance the vehicle and is not advisable.  The Ideal Conditions Ideally, people should be very careful about the tire pressure in their vehicles. … Read more

What Does “L” Mean On A Car’s Gear Shift?

What Does "L" Mean On A Car's Gear Shift?

As a car owner with an automatic transmission, you might be familiar with most gear modes on the gearshift control. However, you’ve hardly used the L position to the extent that you’re unsure what they stand for. So, what exactly does L mean on your gear stick? The ‘L’ on the gear shift indicates Low … Read more

What Does a Car Amplifier Do?

What Does a Car Amplifier Do

The car audio stereos have very little electric signal, producing less audible sounds. The amplifier converts this signal to a higher voltage and thereby amplifies the sound coming from the speakers. The resultant sound is more powerful and has more clarity. This is why most people add an external amplifier to improve the quality of … Read more