How Long Do Honda Civics Last?

How Long Do Honda Civics Last

If you’re planning to buy a Honda Civic, you might be wondering how long will this vehicle last? With a rich history of more than 50 years, Honda is well known for producing long-lasting cars that can last more than two decades. Now, this can make one think if Honda Civic is part of the … Read more

Why Does My Car Idle Rough When I Turn On The Ac

Why Does My Car Idle Rough When I Turn On The Ac

On a hot summer day, when you turn on the air-conditioning, you notice that your car starts shaking. Though rough idling might seem to be a minor issue, it’s something you shouldn’t ignore.  Experiencing an initial loss of rpm while turning on the AC is quite normal. The AC clutch places an additional load on … Read more

Symptoms Of Bad Battery Cables [How to Fix?]

Symptoms Of Bad Battery Cables

Are you facing issues in starting your car? The most common problem would probably be an improperly functioning car battery or a bad alternator. During the cold winter nights, when you try to jumpstart your car, and it’s not working, the battery would be in good condition, but the battery cables might be the culprit.  … Read more

What Does Train Left Front Tire Mean With a Ford? 

What Does Train Left Front Tire Mean With a Ford

If your Ford vehicle displays a message that says ‘Train Left Front Tire,’ it means the car is reinitializing the tire pressure sensors using the TPMS. Most of the Ford vehicles enter into this mode when the ignition has been turned off and on three times after pressing the brake pedal. It also happens when … Read more

Car Dashboard Symbols [Guide]

Car Dashboard Symbols

We already discussed automobile lights and how to properly utilize them. But there are various sorts of automobile lights that will illuminate in case of a malfunction or breakdown. Although each automobile is unique and each manufacturer has its own methods, there is a lot of agreement on the instrument panel light indications. That’s why … Read more

Mercedes-Benz C Class vs. Mercedes-Benz S Class: A Comparison with Differences

Mercedes-Benz C Class vs. Mercedes-Benz S Class

Mercedes-Benz, or Mercedes for short, is a premium vehicle manufacturer based in Germany. Both Mercedes-Benz AG and Mercedes-Benz are based in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Mercedes-Benz manufactures both luxury and commercial vehicles. It began producing Mercedes-Benz-badged automobiles in 1926. Mercedes-Benz was the world’s largest luxury automobile manufacturer in 2018, selling 2.31 million passenger cars. In this article, … Read more

How To Reset The Maintenance Light On A Toyota Sienna?

How To Reset The Maintenance Light On A Toyota Sienna

The maintenance requirement light indicates the vehicle requires a routine service check, which mostly includes the regular oil change. Changing the oil regularly enhances the vehicle’s efficiency. This is the reason why Toyota’s computer system alerts the owner by giving the indication automatically.  Once the maintenance light has been reset, the computer system tracks the … Read more

How Many Miles Will a Ford Explorer Last?

How Long Do Ford Explorers Last

The Ford Explorer is a timeless SUV that has earned a position on American roads due to its dependability and enjoyment of driving. Although the initial Explorer model launched in 1991, other updates and variants have been released since then. Here we will discuss the time span for which Ford Explorers last. How Long Do … Read more

What Color is the Engine Oil on Dipstick?

What Color Should Engine Oil Be On A Dipstick

As you accumulate those miles, your car’s engine oil will need to be replaced. The engine oil color is a sign that tells the time to replace the oil. Consider it like washing the drapes; if the drape’s color is dark, it indicates that it is time to wash it. Similarly, to engine oil, you … Read more

Causes For a Steering Wheel Rubbing Noise When Turning

Reasons for Steering Wheel Noises

Have you ever noticed unusual noises coming from your car’s steering wheel? These noises may seem insignificant if you observe nothing wrong with your car’s functionality. However, you must understand that a strange sound emanating from your steering wheel is not “okay”. If you still hear these noises while rotating the wheel, do not ignore … Read more