How to Check Tire Pressure without A Gauge

How to Check Tire Pressure without Gauge

Before we go over how to measure tire pressure correctly, let me tell you why you should measure tire pressure regularly. We have commented on several occasions (and those that remain) that tires are the only point of contact of the car with the asphalt. Therefore, although they are unjustly forgotten, they are a key … Read more

Signs of Transmission Solenoid Problems

bad shift solenoid symptoms

The starter motor is simply an electric motor that has the function of transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy, in addition, this motor usually has on it, the starter solenoid. In cars, this device is elementary to the starting system of an automobile. Read on and learn all about common starter solenoid failures. A solenoid, … Read more

Who makes Primewell tires?

Who makes Primewell tires

Today there is a wide variety of tire manufacturers, which gives us plenty of options to choose from. From high-end to low-end. If your tires no longer respond as before and you are thinking of changing them, here is an option that you will like. Tires are a key part of our car, since they … Read more

6 Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems

automatic transmission problems and solutions

Technological advances mean that automatic transmissions are becoming more and more widespread among the cars on our market and that we see them with better eyes. They are comfortable, efficient and allow us to implement more driving aids. However, the fact that we interact less with the gearshift does not mean that they are necessarily … Read more

What Causes a Transmission to Get Stuck in Gear

Transmission will not engage in any gear

One of the problems that can cause a person to take his or her vehicle to be overhauled is that the gears do not engage correctly. Therefore, it is convenient for workshop professionals to know what may be causing this situation and how to solve it, especially considering the importance of the gearbox for the … Read more

How To Read A Battery Charger Amp Meter

How To Read A Battery Charger Amp Meter

Battery chargers come in various shapes and sizes. The basic information required for charging your battery is uniform and standardized, but high quality battery chargers include a number of safety features that prevent the battery from overcharging as well as provide information on the status and condition of your battery. Safety features include a voltage … Read more

Why Do People Brake Check?

Brake checking is a common phenomenon on roads nowadays. With the increasing number of cars and other vehicles, the number of brake-checking incidents is rising. You may have encountered a brake checking incident if you have some driving experience, or maybe people from your known circle. An incident such as this is unwanted on the … Read more

Silverado Idler Pulley Noise Problems

Silverado Idler Pulley Noise Problems

Chevrolet Silverado is one of the popular pickup trucks in the automobile industry. However, from the consumer report, we have found some complaints against Silverado truck models and one of them is about idler pulley. The idler pulley is making noise while driving the vehicle.  We are going to have a brief discussion about the idler pulley … Read more

All You Need To Know About Who Makes Everstart Batteries

Who Makes Everstart Batteries

Your car, boat, RTV vehicle, or tractor is useless without a reliable battery. Every type of transportation vehicle relies on a battery to start and operate the engine. Everstart batteries won BestCovery’s “Third Best Car Battery for Value” award due to the battery’s low cost and high value. Everstart covers all types of vehicles in … Read more