How to Puncture a Tire Quickly

How to Puncture a Tire Quickly

It is ironic that in a blog that tries to inform about the automotive world and about having the best driving experience, to find this kind of post about how to ruin vehicle tires. Puncturing a tire quickly should be done with proper lighting. High quality tires are good for safe driving, however, as much … Read more

How To Do Good Brake Maintenance

brake maintenance

They are vital in active safety: if they fail, serious accidents can occur. Although this seems obvious, international surveys affirm that a large percentage of vehicles have at least one defect in the system. Many would argue that if there is any major brake fluid leakage or the level in the pump reservoir drops too … Read more

Ten Technologies That Cannot Be Missing in Your New Car

Technology not only surrounds the car but also grows exponentially. Accessing innovations that apply to vehicles can help make driving safer and easier. Not only high-end cars incorporate these technological options but also models of generic brands. These elements have evolved in such a way that many drivers consider them essential when purchasing a car. Let’s see what they are. … Read more

We dispel some myths and legends about the hybrid car

The automotive sector is evolving towards the electrification of its models and with it is changing mobility at an enormous speed. The arrival of alternative fuels and the dizzying technological development generates – like all innovation – suspicion, and misgivings fed, among other things, by the hoaxes of fake news. Any paradigm shift in the motor world starts from a general ignorance of … Read more

Most common lies about 4×4 traction have a very clear answer

Anyone considering the possibility of buying an SUV (acronym for the English name Sport Utility Vehicle), a very fashionable vehicle due to its attractive appearance, versatile interior and power, the question arises whether to equip it with all-wheel drive or 4×2. If we opt for the integral, it is important to know where it is most effective , … Read more

Stuck in the mud? How to get the car out of a quagmire

With the arrival of autumn a different and, without a doubt, a special atmosphere appears. The mountain is stained in reddish colors and many nature lovers set out on trails and routes to enjoy the fresh environment and the fall of the leaves. But this is also a time of heavy rains that make some roads impassable, mainly due to the … Read more

Tires and safety: seven keys to keep in mind

The tires are the most important part of the car once we get going. They are because they keep us in contact with the road, and allow us to stop the car and negotiate corners safely. Obviously the engine and the other elements of the car are essential to circulate, nobody doubts it, but perhaps the tires monopolize less … Read more

All About Brakes – Troubleshooting

In the first installment of this miniseries, we soaked up all there is to know about brakes and the car’s braking system. We learned about the influence of the condition of the tires and suspensions in the braking capacity and we were waiting to know the most common problems that can plague our brakes, and how to detect and solve them. Today … Read more

Alert with neutral! The worst breakdowns derived from driving style

As if they were grandmother’s home remedies, many drivers practice a series of measures that supposedly can scrape liters and liters of fuel. Going down a descending section in neutral is one of the star recipes of that formulary that also contains remedies such as driving with the highest gear or lowering the windows so as not … Read more

Save fuel with proper air conditioning in your car. Overcome auto mode

Keeping the interior of the car at an ideal temperature for driving always involves energy consumption , energy that is produced expressly or that is used by other systems, but in any case energy that is obtained from fuel consumption. Therefore, based on the fact that energy expenditure is a toll that cannot be avoided, what we can do is … Read more