How To Slash or Puncture Tires Quickly

How to Puncture a Tire Quickly

It is ironic that in a blog that tries to inform about the automotive world and about having the best driving experience, to find this kind of post about how to ruin vehicle tires. Puncturing a tire quickly should be done with proper lighting. High quality tires are good for safe driving, however, as much … Read more

How To Do Good Brake Maintenance

brake maintenance

They are vital in active safety: if they fail, serious accidents can occur. Although this seems obvious, international surveys affirm that a large percentage of vehicles have at least one defect in the system. Many would argue that if there is any major brake fluid leakage or the level in the pump reservoir drops too … Read more

What Is the Recommended Tire Pressure for Your Car?

Tire pressure

If you are not familiar with the setup of your tires, there are a number of issues you should be aware of. Incorrect pressure can cause you to lose grip, burn more fuel and even end up with a blowout due to excessive heat. So, here are all the keys to properly tuning the air … Read more