Fuel Pump Gone Bad – How Can You Start Your Car Now?

How To Start A Car With A Bad Fuel Pump

The fuel functions as the power for every vehicle. A fuel pump will pump the fuel through the engine, and as the engine burns, it generates energy, which runs the car. The fuel pump supplies fuel as long as the engine is on, and thus the car moves.  Now, what would happen if this fuel … Read more

Why Does My Brake Pedal Go To The Floor?

why does my brake pedal go to the floor

Brake-related issues can be nerve-wracking when you’re driving at high speed and find it difficult to reach a complete, timely stop. If the brakes are malfunctioning or completely worn out, it may take more time to stop your car or, at times, may not even stop, resulting in serious accidents. Normally, brake pedals are stiff … Read more

Best Oil For 6.7 Powerstroke

Best Oil For 6.7 Powerstroke

As an owner of a heavy-duty truck, it is essential to maintain the Powerstroke engine in good condition to keep it running for miles. The best way to keep your 6.7 Powerstroke running without hiccups is by opting for high-quality motor oil.  Quality engine oil helps in the proper cooling, sealing, lubrication, and protection of … Read more

Best Auto Trim Removal Tools

Best Auto Trim Removal Tools

Though stripping the trims from your vehicle appears to be simple, it can be an overwhelming task. If not done properly, removing the trims can create lots of damage that can become more extensive over time. Using common tools like screwdrivers to get the trims done on your auto may result in dents, cracks, and … Read more

Best Bike Racks For Jeep

bike rack for jeep

Jeep owners know that their vehicles come with a lot of useful accessories. But if you need more than just basic items like a jack, then it’s time to look at other options. One great option is a trailer hitch-mounted bike rack. And since there are so many different types on the market, knowing what … Read more

Best Oil Catch Can For Your Vehicle

Best Oil Catch Can

Modern diesel engines are designed to reduce fuel emissions to protect the environment. They are equipped with an EGR or a DPF. When these parts work with the latest diesel engine technologies, they can cause issues with their intake. An “oil catch can” can help prevent this from happening. The Role Of An Oil Catch … Read more

How Many Watts Is a Factory Car Stereo?

How Many Watts Is a Factory Car Stereo

Many people are not satisfied with the sound quality coming from the car stereo, especially if it is a factory car stereo. Let us understand how the power of the car stereos is affected by the watts.  What Is A Watt In Car Stereos? If you are able to identify the sound of the factory … Read more

Why does my Car won’t go in reverse? [9 Causes]

Why does my Car won’t go in reverse?

Your vehicle’s transmission is one of the most crucial aspects of your car. It is impossible for you to operate Have you ever been in a vehicle that is stuck in a forward drive or a vehicle that simply will not go into reverse? This type of failure on a vehicle can render it undrivable … Read more

Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

You may notice the weird sound while turning the steering or find it hard to turn the wheels as the car is stationary. The reason may be severe. It is a common issue for people looking to buy a new car. They want to know if the steering wheel will cause noise when the vehicle … Read more

Homemade Traction Mats – DIY Instructions

homemade traction mats

You won’t always have fancy tools to work with, and if you want to create your own homemade traction mats, in this article you are going to find some of the best DIY instructions. Traction mats are needed for when you are going to take your car out during crazy weather conditions. They can help … Read more