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Can You Wax Your Car Too Much?

We all love to take care of our cars, and for many of us that involves a routine of regular washing, scrubbing, vacuuming, and – yes – waxing.

There’s nothing better than the shiny, smooth finish your car’s bodywork gets after an application of high-quality wax. As well as the pleasant appearance of a freshly waxed car, waxing also has many other benefits that are more long term – it protects against ultraviolet radiation carried by the sun’s rays that can discolor your car over time, and it protects your car against accidental scratches and marks, both from other cars and from anything else that your vehicle may scrape up against in day to day life. Not only this, but it can also protect against water stains and other types of damage that can make your car look less appealing.

What risks are there from waxing your car too much?

But while waxing your car clearly has an awful lot of benefits, is it actually possible to wax your car too much? Well, the answer to that seems to depend mostly on what type of wax you are using, and how exactly you use that wax on your car.

If your car is brand new and has a clear coat still on its paint finish, using a paste wax can damage this and leave your car looking less than brand new. Clearcoat is essentially a colorless resin that goes on top of your car’s paint finish, giving it a shiny appearance. Almost every single car manufactured today has a clear coat finish on top of the painted metal. Using a paste wax can essentially rub all of this clear coat off if you use it repeatedly, making your car look far worse than it did before.

Using synthetic wax too much can also cause serious problems to the look and appearance of your car. Using too much over a long period of time can build up layers and layers of wax, and this can cause your car’s paint finish to begin to look dull and perhaps even a little cloudy or greasy.

How often should we wax our cars?

So, how do we ensure we don’t wax our cars too often? How many times a year does it need to be done?

This all depends on how often you use your car, what you use it for, and the conditions you use it in.

If you drive your car every single day, or you drive it in bad weather conditions such as areas where there is heavy rain or wind or snow, or the car is parked outside when, not in use, you may need to wax your car more often.

However, if you use your car less often, or drive it in much milder conditions, or keep your car parked indoors in a place like a garage or a covered parking area, you may need to wax your vehicle much less often.

Generally, manufacturers recommend that we wax our cars around four times per year, and this seems like a very good guideline. Keeping your car waxed around 3 times a year will ensure that your vehicle stays looking like it just rolled off the manufacturing line, and people will really think that you have looked after it well!

Knowing when your car needs to be waxed

How do you know whether your car needs more wax or not? Well, it’s actually very simple. You should spray a small amount of water on your car’s hood, and check how the water looks. If the water stays mostly together in a big pool, you probably need to apply some more wax. If the water forms little beads that sit on the surface of the hood, you probably don’t need to apply more wax right now.

One way to ensure that you don’t suffer the effects of over-waxing your car is to ensure that you remove all the old wax before applying a new coat of wax.

This can be done very easily by following these incredibly simple steps:

First, you need to get some soap. The best kind of soap for this is the same that you use to wash your dirty dishes at home, as this will strip away the oils in the wax, leaving it ready for a fresh coat.

Then, you need to add some of that soap to some warm water and dip a sponge inside. Spread the soapy liquid all over the car using the sponge, ensuring that you have covered every single inch of your vehicle’s bodywork.

Once you’ve done this, ensure that you use the sponge to give the car a good scrub. This will ensure that all of the old coat of wax is entirely removed.

Finally, wash off the soapy water with a hose, ensuring there are no soap bubbles or suds left on the outside of the car.

Then, either wait for the car to dry or manually dry it yourself with towels. It is better to air dry the car if possible than to dry it with towels, as the car’s bodywork will be vulnerable after removing the wax and it could be possible to cause some small scratches when using certain kinds of towels.

Once you’ve done this, your car is ready for its new coat of wax! Ensuring you do this every time you wax will make it far less likely that you suffer the negative effects of over-waxing your car because each time you

will be applying a fresh coat, rather than simply applying new wax over old wax and causing the appearance of your vehicle to degrade.

Final Thoughts – Can You Wax Your Car Too Much?

So, we can now answer the question we posed at the beginning of this article – can you wax your car too much?

Well, the answer is clearly yes, it is possible to wax your car too much. Doing so can have some seriously negative effects on the car and its bodywork and make it look much older and less looked after than it actually is.

However, with some simple steps to clean off old wax, and ensuring that you have a good waxing schedule that aligns with the conditions the car is used in, you can ensure that you will never wax your car too much, and it will always stay looking perfectly clean and brand new.


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