Can You Flat Tow A Ford Ranger?

Yes, it is possible to flat tow a Ford Ranger! Despite initial appearances to the contrary, the procedure is actually extremely basic and quick.

To start your Ford Ranger, enter the vehicle and push the start/stop button without depressing the brake pedal. This will ensure that the transmission is in the neutral position. Verify that the steering wheel is unlocked and the ignition is in the “ON” position. This will enable you to steer the vehicle while being pulled.

Once the Ford Ranger is in the proper position, it must be secured to the tow truck. Ensure that the tow bar is attached properly and the chains are snug. To enhance the safety and security of your vehicle, you may also wish to utilize wheel chocks.

Now you are prepared to travel! Remember to drive safely and gently when towing a Ford Ranger. Additionally, you should keep a watch on your vehicle while it is being towed, as it is more likely to sway than the trailer.

These techniques will allow you to quickly flat-tow your Ford Ranger. Best of luck!


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