Can You Flat Tow A Chevy Spark?

Yes, a Chevrolet Spark may be flat-towed with a few restrictions. The Spark with a manual transmission for the 2020 model year can be flat-towed, however the Spark with an automatic transmission cannot. In addition, owners of vehicles from 2017 to 2018 should be advised that the electronic stability control (ESC) brake could activate on one wheel. This could cause troubles if you are flat-towing and could pose major safety concerns. Before deciding to flat-tow a Spark, it is essential to verify the vehicle’s model year.

In addition, it is essential to remember that flat-towing your Spark is not as simple as just hooking it up and driving away. You must ensure that your Spark is adequately outfitted for towing. This includes removing the battery, applying the parking brake, ensuring the transmission is in Neutral, and securing the wheels to the tow bar. All of these measures are required to ensure that your Spark can be flat-towed safely and without incident.

It is possible to flat-tow a Chevy Spark, but you must ensure you have the correct model year and that your Spark is properly equipped for towing. Additionally, it’s a good idea to examine your owner’s handbook and your local Chevrolet dealer to ensure that you’re taking all the required precautions for a safe and effective flat tow.


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