Can You Fit 35S On A Leveled Silverado?

If you wish to mount 35-inch tires on your 2020 Silverado or Duramax or newer, you’re in luck. Despite the new body type, your truck may accommodate 35-inch tires. However, there are some factors to consider prior to attempting this.

Before anything else, you must ensure that the truck is level. This requires suspension adjustments or the purchase of a leveling kit. This will allow the 35s to fit without causing clearance difficulties. Once the suspension has been balanced, you can examine the tires.

You should look for tires that have been designed expressly for this project. As the 35s are larger than the regular tire size, the wheel offset may need to be adjusted. Before attempting to drive the car, verify that the tires are properly inflated.

Lastly, you should also think about the brakes. With larger tires, it may be necessary to improve the brakes to ensure enough stopping power. This is a crucial step to take in order to secure your safety while driving.

Overall, it is possible to install 35-inch tires on a leveled Silverado/Duramax with the proper preparation. Following the directions described in this video will allow you to complete the job securely. Best of luck!


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