Can You Add Factory Trailer Brake Controller Silverado?

Adding a trailer brake controller to your Silverado may be tricky, primarily if the manufacturer did not provide one. Those who wish to install a brake controller without replacing their existing OEM unit have several solutions available.

The first alternative is to acquire a universal trailer brake controller from a producer of aftermarket parts. A universal brake controller is designed to work with most automobiles and often includes the installation components. However, it is essential to note that the installation procedure might be complicated and that the instructions must be followed precisely.

The second alternative is to purchase a trailer brake controller made exclusively for your Silverado. These controllers often come with all the necessary installation gear and may be installed relatively easily. In addition, their performance will be superior to that of a universal brake controller.

Several aftermarket firms specialize in installing trailer brake controllers on Chevrolet Silverado trucks. Typically, these businesses offer installation services, essential components, and hardware. Despite the high installation expense, the final result will be a high-quality, dependable brake controller with excellent performance.

In conclusion, installing a trailer brake controller on your Silverado is feasible, but it is crucial to understand your alternatives. Universal brake controllers are the least-priced choice, but their installation might be more complicated. Explicitly designed for Silverado automobiles, brake controllers offer higher performance but may be more expensive. Lastly, aftermarket firms can provide installation services in addition to the essential components and hardware, although these services might be costly.


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